There always comes a time when the old bridge must be replaced. Demtech specializes in the drilling and blasting of bridges. Our certified blasters have blasted countless bridges, and understand how to manage a safe site. Bringing a bridge down is a main priority, but a safe jobsite and crew falls second to none. We’ve taken part in demolishing over 43 miles of bridges in numerous states.

Spring Valley Bridge

Spring Valley, IL

The Route 89 Bridge in Spring Valley, IL was a Pennsylvania Through Truss Bridge over the Illinois River. The steel structure was demolished in two separate shots. The first shot severed and dropped spans 10 and 11 into two pieces onto the land for the contractor to easily use shears to dismantle and recycle. Spans 7,8 and 9 were shot all at once. Each span was shot into different sized pieces, depending on the depth of the water to facilitate removal by the contractor with available marine equipment.

Hunter Station Bridge

Tionesta, PA

The Hunter Station Bridge in Tionesta, PA was a Truss Bridge that carried Rt. 62 across the Allegheny River. The bridge was built in 1934 and was 1050' in length. Hunter Station was taken down in one shot after preparing portal end cuts to drop the span. Some diagonal and bottom cord cuts were made to allow the contractor to use shears for removal.

HWY 47 Bridge

Washington, MO

The Washington Bridge was a 2561' Cantilever Truss Bridge that was built in 1934. The 5 main spans were detonated on April 15, 2019. It was severed into 39 pieces using 492 individual linear shape charges.

Harrison Ave.

Scranton, PA

This bridge was an Open-Spandrel Arch Bridge over Roaring River on Harrison Avenue in Scranton PA. Its total length was 392' however we could only blast the main 202' span. This was an extremely difficult shot due to the close proximity of housing, railroad tracks and railroad tunnel.

Long Island Bridge

Quincy, MA

The Long Island Bridge was a Warren Deck Truss Bridge that spanned 3325' across the Boston Harbor. Demtech completed this job in three separate blasts. Each shot had to have bubble curtains surrounding the entire structure to protect wildlife.

Webster Bridge

Donora, PA

The Donora-Webster Bridge was a four span Parker Through Truss Bridge that spanned 1547' across the Mononhahela River. The bridge was shot on July 1, 2015. The steel grated deck was left on this structure for the blast which required additional charges and preparation. Instead of blasting the top cord we left it intact. When it was in the water, we then connected a section to a crane then burnt it to shear the top cord. This is done in certain situations to alleviate the chances of sections rolling under the current.