WE offer a variety blasting services

Our experience includes but is not limited to:



We have taken part in demolishing over 43 miles of bridge in 6 different states . 



In the last 3 years we have drilled over 2 million cubic yards of quarry rock.



We have taken part in the demolition of over 52  structural buildings.


Mass Concrete

We blast smoke stacks and have taken down several ranging from 90′ to 500′ tall.



DemTech and our blasters have been involved in 65+ silo demolition projects. 



We offer drilling and blasting for rock removal for a wide variety of applications.


Specialty Blasting

See our work for structural demolition on projects such as towers and gantry cranes.


Locks & Dams

Our team is capable of large mass concrete drilling and blasting on many projects including…

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Frequently asked questions...

Can blasting be done close to existing structures?

Yes. Our company has many years of experience with technical blasting within close proximity of structures. We have skilled employees that use various forms of vibration prediction. We’ve completed projects within five feet of structures with no damage incurred.

Does implosion demolition cost more than conventional demo?

Demolition Feasibility Studies have indicated that implosion demolition provided two advantages over conventional demolition methods – lower cost and less disruption to neighboring areas.

How can you ensure blasting is safe?

Typically , blasters are licensed professionals who are required by regulation or by their employers to continually obtain training. They are trained to plan, design, implement and monitor blasts. This training stresses safety in all aspects including protection of your property.

how is blasing monitored?

Seismographs are placed at the site to monitor vibration levels. The seismograph is typically placed at the closest home or structure. Blasting operations must be carried out in such a manner that they will not cause fly rock or damage from the air blast overpressure or ground vibrations.

what are the advantages of blasting rock ?

Blasting is usually the most cost effective way to break rock. This helps to reduce your costs for coal, building materials, utilities, or any other product which comes from rocks or minerals.

How long do the blast last ?

Typically, blast last less than 10 seconds.