Specialty Blasting

Our blasting capabilities do not just stop at bridges and buildings.  Any structure that can be dismantled with explosives safely vs. conventional may fit into the specialty blasting category.  These items include: pipe bridges, gantry cranes, water towers and missile silos to name a few.  This kind of job allows the blasters to focus more on the placement of charges than the quantity of explosives used in order to bring such structures to the ground.  

Gantry Crane

Olmstead, IL

The Olmstead Dam Gantry is the largest gantry crane of its kind in the world. The crane stood 10 stories tall and was designed to lift up to 5300 tons. The gantry crane was used to help build Olmstead Lock and Dam and was demolished on May 4, 2019. Demtech used torch cutting, counterweight placing and linear shape charges to bring the crane to the ground.

Red River pipe Bridge

Natchitoches, LA

Explosives are attached to the cables and shot in order for the bridge to collapse. Pipeline bridges are mostly being replaced by directional boring of new pipelines under the river which eliminates above ground exposure to elements and terroristic activities.